Step by step guide

1. Shake off

Start by vacuuming your machine washable area rugs and taking them outside to shake off any dirt and dust. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty with this- the more dirt that you are able to get out of the rug the better! We recommend using two people to shake it out or beating it against a hard surface such as a wall. You don’t want any hair or dirt to end up in your washer!

2. Spot cleaning

Most washable rugs are also stain resistant rugs, however, if you find that you do have any stains on there, now is the time to work on them. If you know what stain it is - wine or grease - treat it as you normally would. A toothbrush is a great way to spot clean those little stains!

3. Place rug in washing machine

Now it’s time to put your rug in the machine- make sure the load is even on all sides. You can add in towels if you need to so that the weight can be distributed evenly and give your machine washable runner rug or machine washable kitchen rug the best wash.

4. Time to wash

Using the delicate setting and cold water only you can now add in your detergent and start it. It is not recommended to use any sort of bleach as it can be harsh on the rug and damage it. Fabric softener is not recommended as it can affect the structure of the rug.

5. Drying the rug

Finally, air-drying your newly washed area rug is the best way to get it dry. Over the fence, or the clothesline works fine. Try to keep it out of direct sunlight as this can cause the colors to fade. We do not recommend machine drying or ironing as it can cause the rug to shrink or damage the backing.

Top Tip: While you may be tempted, don’t deep clean your rug too often. This can prematurely age the rug. Save the deep cleaning, such as washing, for when you really need it.